Amorgos is an untouched island with local culture being interwoven with daily life. If you would like to experience authentic traditions and discover local customs, don’t miss attending some of the local festivals or traditional events which are held in Amorgos throughout the year.

On the island there are more than 300 churches, so traditional festivals are organized quite often, on the day each saint is celebrated. Some of the most popular events are the grand festival of Panagia Chozoviotissa Monastery on November 21, Agia Paraskevi festival on July 26 taking place at Kalofana right above Paradissia beach, and Panagia Panochoriani Festival in Lagada on August 15. Festivals usually include a church service followed by a feast with traditional local dishes, drinks and dancing.

If you are in Amorgos early August, don’t miss the “Pasteli” festival in Chora, a unique local fiesta inspired by a most famous traditional delight, pasteli (sesame and honey bar), which used to be served in weddings on a lemon-tree leaf, but nowadays is enjoyed as a snack anytime. After a demonstration of the traditional preparation process, there is a feast with local music and dancing until the wee hours of the morning.

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