If you are a hiking lover, you will take lots of pleasure in exploring the various walking paths of Amorgos. You will not only enjoy the fresh air and the smell of Amorgian herbs, but you will also observe unique flora and fauna, watch mesmerising sea views and dramatic landscapes from the top of mountain slopes and you will bump into archaeological remains and historical sights.

As the there weren’t any proper roads constructed in Amorgos before the 1990’s, settlements used to be connected by paths while donkeys were used for transportation of goods from one place to the other. Now that cars have replaced donkeys, we are left with very well preserved paths passing through cultivated valleys and impressive rocky slopes waiting to be explored.

Hiking trails in Amorgos

There are trails of all levels of difficulty including easy paths and more demanding trails, both short and longer ones, so that you can select what suits you best, depending on your experience, mood and time available.

Some of the most popular walking paths are from Aigiali to Chora, which is the longest trail, from Katapola and Minoa to Agios Georgios Valsamitis, from Arkessini to Vroutsi and then Chora, from Chora to Katapola, and many more.

Get the right equipment and get ready to discover the wild beauty of Amorgos.

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